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Empowering Teams to Simplify the M&A Process

All the tools and functionalities necessary to manage and optimize M&A transactions, enhance collaboration, mitigate risks, and drive successful outcomes in the dynamic and complex M&A landscape.
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Traditional M&A is plagued by disjointed teams, processes, and data

Devensoft solves key business challenges of outdated M&A management
Inefficient or misaligned focus throughout the deal lifecycle

Inefficient or misaligned focus throughout the deal lifecycle

Lack of alignment hampers effective coordination, communication, and decision-making among stakeholders, resulting in wasted resources, missed opportunities, and diminished deal value.

A comprehensive solution for M&A that streamlines and enhances the entire process

How Devensoft Solves M&A Challenges

Formidable Enterprise Security

Robust security measures designed for enterprise-level protection.

Take complete control over application instance and content access. Our powerful suite of advanced data access and logging features empowers you to manage permissions effectively. Seamlessly support user and role-based security with confidence.

Leverage our North America hosting region as the primary choice. Alternatively, opt for our EU hosting region to align with legal and regulatory needs, ensuring secure and compliant data processing and storage for our valued customers.

Benefit from SSL encryption for secure content transit and AES 256-bit encryption for robust protection of content at rest. Your data’s safety is our utmost priority.

Retain absolute ownership of your data throughout. Seamlessly export and import your data whenever necessary, ensuring complete control and flexibility. Your data, your choices.

Benefit from disk-level encryption to safeguard all data at rest. Rest assured, our backup processes also employ the same robust encryption measures, ensuring comprehensive protection at all times.

Experience seamless access with Single Sign-On (SSO) support for leading identity providers like Active Directory, PingID, Okta, and more. Enhance security with the added layer of protection through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Your authentication needs, fully covered.

Gain full visibility into user activities and data modifications within the application. Our advanced tracking system records logins and data changes at a granular data field-level, attributed to specific users. Empower yourself with a comprehensive Audit Report, accessible anytime, to keep tabs on your M&A operations.

Benefit from advanced features such as intrusion detection and prevention, anti-malware capabilities, file and system integrity monitoring, and log inspection. Your data’s protection is entrusted to state-of-the-art security measures.

Easily integrate with
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Simple & Scalable Plans

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Target pipeline management

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Pre-close Management


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For corporate development teams seeking to maintain impeccable organization, stay on schedule, and stay well-informed while simultaneously overseeing multiple deals


End-to-end Management


For larger, enterprise teams seeking comprehensive solution to effectively manage sizable pipelines, execute deals, and oversee integration post-close

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Devensoft compared to other M&A solutions

Compare our comprehensive features to other leading M&A tools 
Supports full end-to-end M&A lifecycle with customization
Focused on some stages, no full end-to-end solution, limited customization
Easy upload and download functionality with REST API available for custom work
Limited in scope
Dedicated team of M&A professionals for support across your projects
Support is limited to product and not equipped for the M&A process
Competitive pricing with flexibility to meet your project needs
Hard to scale pricing across multiple projects
Easy-to-use UI/UX that aligns with the natural order of the entire M&A process
No end-to-end view of the M&A process

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