About Us

What We Do

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At Devensoft, we've built an innovative and intuitive software platform that powers our customers' strategic growth, from mergers and acquisitions to wide-ranging strategic initiatives.  With thousands of users in companies ranging from middle-market to Fortune Global 500, teams around the world are using Devensoft to propel their businesses forward.

Our Values and Philosophy

Since the founding of our company, we have defined a few guiding principles that we live by every day.


Continuously innovate to offer the best products and service in the market with an outstanding user experience


Earn the trust and respect of our colleagues and our customers every day through open communication and delivering on our promises

Voice of the Customer

Listen to our customers to understand their needs and deliver solutions and outstanding service that create lasting value.

Aim High

Support our team so we can realize our maximum potential by providing challenging opportunities and the resources to succeed


Respect each individual by fostering an environment where divergent ideas are encouraged and challenging the status quo is welcome


Use every lesson as an opportunity to improve. Plan meticulously, execute with precision and deliver world-class results

Our Story

We started in 2013 in Greenbelt, Maryland to change the way companies manage their strategic growth programs.

Having been involved in mergers and acquisitions, we were stunned at the inefficiencies and lack of collaboration tools to manage acquisitions and integrations, especially since M&A is considered strategic for many companies.  Based on our decades of experience, we knew there had to be a better way.  During our market research, we heard similar frustrations from corporate development executives and integration leads.  The process was inefficient, time-consuming and there was a lack of software to help manage the end-to-end process.

Within 2 weeks of launching into the market in June 2013, we started hearing from major companies.  Since then, we have seen incredible traction and our software is now in use at companies ranging in size from middle-market to Global 500 throughout the US, Europe, China, Australia, Singapore, Mexico and India.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see and hear every day how our software is making a positive impact for thousands of users around the world.