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The Business Case for Purpose-Built M&A Software

The Business Case for Purpose-Built M&A Software The Need for Speed in M&A Let’s face it, M&A is challenging and not for the faint at heart.  We hear every day from teams struggling to manage their deals, often due to broken or ad hoc processes and tools.  For years companies have been using spreadsheets, emails,

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The Hidden Dangers of Web-Based Spreadsheets

The Hidden Dangers of Web-Based Spreadsheets If you’re like most people in M&A, you’ve probably used web-based spreadsheets where you can easily collaborate with your team and see the changes others are making in real-time.  Truth be told, I was one of those users and thought, “Wow, how cool is that?”  I could see comments

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m&a functional workstreams

Typical M&A Functional Workstreams

Typical M&A Functional Workstreams Introduction The team framework, particularly the structure of the functional workstreams, is dependent on several factors, such as type of business, organizational structure, size of acquisition, the focus and strategy of the acquisition (i.e. product integration, new product, strategic uplift, synergies), etc.  There are typically between six and twelve workstreams, as

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communications plan

M&A Communications Plan

M&A Communications Plan This is a communication plan template for a merger or acquisition. It guides you through what you need to consider, how to keep messaging consistent and what bases need to be covered, minimally. To Do What will we have in place to ensure feedback? People need to be heard and may have

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due diligence

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence Checklist Due Diligence is arguably the most important step when it comes to a merger. Planning which specific documents and data to request from the target company can save a lot of time and money, ensuring that you gather all critical information to make an educated decision on whether or not to

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team roles and responsibilities

M&A Team Roles, Responsibilities and Skill Sets

M&A Team Roles, Responsibilities and Skill Sets Probably the most complex and critical part of the Integration Framework Definition phase is the structuring of the teams and the hierarchy and process for approvals and decisions.  The list below describes the team portion of the Integration Framework and the high-level flow described here. Executive Steering Committee

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