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A Checklist For An Asset Purchase

A Checklist For an Asset Purchase Acquiring only some of the assets from a seller requires many of the same due diligence activities as the acquisition of the company. Additionally, a similar level of detailed due diligence is required in areas of the company which may not seem to be directly related to the asset

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M&A Planning And Due Diligence Execution

M&A Planning and Due Diligence Execution As with any major asset acquisition, the purchase of a company, or only some of the assets therein, requires a significant planning process. Most companies have a defined approval process for major expenditures, including the description, business justification, financial requirements and expected Return on Investment (ROI). Mergers and Acquisitions,

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Mitigating Risks In Mergers And Acquisitions Part III – Transformational Synergies

Mitigating Risks in Mergers and Acquisitions Part III – Transformational Synergies In my previous article reference is made to Transformational Synergies. These synergies may require more effort and time to produce financial results. Nevertheless, the results are often much greater than those that are attained by simply absorbing the acquisition into the buyer’s organization. The

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Current Trends In M&A

Current Trends in M&A Mergers and acquisitions tend to run in predictable patterns. In the early stages of the M&A market, mega deals are generally transactions that occur as a result of consolidation in the market in which the company competes. Valuations are initially reasonable, with the buyer’s objective of increased market share or dominance

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A Rationale For M&A Technology

A Rationale for M&A Technology Most of today’s Merger and Acquisition activity is conducted using processes that, while still adequate, do not take advantage of current technology. While institutional expertise is extremely important, the size and scope of today’s transactions require a fundamental shift to a team approach with a comprehensive and repeatable M&A process

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Major Pitfalls To Avoid In M&A Transactions

Major Pitfalls to Avoid in M&A Transactions It is a good practice to occasionally restate the fundamental criteria for assuring that an Acquisition or Merger stays on track and arrives at a successful conclusion. While there may be unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances which preclude deal success, there are pitfalls that can be avoided. The following

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