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M&A Deals

Complete mergers faster, and on-schedule

Accelerate M&A deals by streamlining project management with specialized capabilities to eliminate inefficiencies and meet milestones on time.

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Traditional M&A deals and program management consist of disjointed teams and processes that make it difficult to set delivery dates, resulting in extended time to value and synergy realization.

Time is of the essence in M&A. Speed and efficiency in executing a transaction are key factors in securing the best value and minimizing disruption to the business.


Modern and agile M&A approaches enable faster innovation, revenue growth, improved customer experiences, and new behaviors.

Devensoft shortens M&A deals and phases with purpose-built project management capabilities and eliminate inefficiencies across the entire deal lifecycle. This happens when a consolidated program management system aligns M&A transaction and teams to activities, enables agile workstreams to reach milestones on time, and standardizes process that can be automated for speed.

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On-time mergers
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Effectively manage a diversified pipeline using a target summary and/or an Activity Map to leverage insights.

Visualize the timing and progress of tasks, as well as to identify dependencies between tasks and potential scheduling conflicts.

Achieve flexibility and speed by customizing your playbooks, phases, teams, and programs to meet the unique needs of your business.
The most exciting thing is the ability to customize tracking tool to meet your tracking processes, with Devensoft we manage to create a tracking tool that 100% customized to our M&A transactions and process."
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Modern full-cycle M&A deals management

Acquisition Pipeline

Keep all your deals and targets organized in a single location

Due Diligence

Accelerate and streamline the due diligence process


Maximize the success rate of your integrations

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