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M&A Laws

Legal Workflow For Compliance Across The Organization

Ensure that your deal team is in compliance with legal confidentiality and other regulatory M&A laws before they gain access to sensitive information.

Legal workflow for m&a

Use Built-In NDA Templates Or Upload Your Own Agreements Using Microsoft Word

Start with our built-in customizable Word templates or upload your own. Variables in your M&A legal templates are automatically replaced with actual deal data, such as deal attorney, deal lead, and other pertinent data required by M&A laws. Each deal can have a different template and the legal workflow can be turned on only on those deals that need it.

Intuitive Self-Guided Review Legal Workflow

Each invited team member receives an automated email with a link to login and review the agreement. Each section is presented in a clean and intuitive manner for easy navigation and review. Users can accept each section or request clarification from the designated deal attorney to ensure accordance with M&A laws, all while saving their progress if they wish to complete the review at a later time.

Legal workflow for m&a
NDA for m&A

Easily View Who Has Signed

A quick look at the team will show who has signed theM&A legal document and who has not. You can configure the deal to send automatic email reminders to those who have not signed yet or you can click a button to push out reminders manually. The included report will show when each person signed a document for each deal, so if you receive a request, the information is ready available.

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Modern full-cycle deal management

Acquisition Pipeline

Keep all your deals and targets organized in a single location

Due Diligence

Accelerate and streamline the due diligence process


Maximize the success rate of your integrations

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