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Due Diligence Management Software

Thorough due diligence controls for the ultimate peace of mind

Streamline your due diligence process to increase the likelihood of successful deals and minimize the risk of failure.

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Advanced and secure Due Diligence Portal for enhanced risk management

Secure, All-In-One Document and Request Management

Securely manage due diligence documents and requests in one place, share them with targets through a secure link or spreadsheet, and centralize all submissions via our secure due diligence software portal for streamlined management.


Effortless Collaboration and Real-Time Progress Tracking

Empower your team with automatic updates on request item status, multiple rounds of submission, and secure storage of documents within our database or links to virtual data rooms. Seamlessly prioritize and address key issues by adding internal comments and findings, ensuring that no important risks or issues are overlooked.

Optimize your M&A due diligence process

Central & secure document management

Align your process

Prevent duplicated effort

Reduce exposure to risks

Quickly begin your due diligence process with ready-made templates

Efficiently manage customizable due diligence request lists in real-time, easily track progress, and eliminate disconnected communication.

Enable effortless integration of your existing spreadsheets or use our built-in request list templates, empowering your team to easily customize the requests for each unique deal.

Over 10 built-in due diligence templates

Save valuable time and effort with our templates
With Devensoft, we've been able to interconnect our processes and work even more efficiently. We have better visibility into our acquisitions and deals pipeline of opportunities, a streamlined due diligence plan, and seamless, detailed integration plan."
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Modern full-cycle M&A deal management

Acquisition Pipeline

Streamline pipeline management and gain control, visibility, and optimization of workflows and tasks, saving time and resources while maximizing deal value.

Due Diligence

Conduct M&A due diligence easily with our platform’s built-in/imported request items. Collaborate with targets via our Due Diligence Portal for real-time responses and streamline the process for success.


Maximize company mergers with our platform’s tools, navigating the PMI process with ease and confidence to achieve anticipated synergies and value.

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Includes individual templates (Excel, Word, PPT), due diligence checklists, and integration workplans.

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