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major pitfalls to avoid in M&A transactions

Major Pitfalls To Avoid In M&A Transactions

Major Pitfalls to Avoid in M&A Transactions It is a good practice to occasionally restate the fundamental criteria for assuring that an Acquisition or Merger stays on track and arrives at a successful conclusion. While there may be unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances which preclude deal success, there are pitfalls that can be avoided. The following

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checklist for an asset purchase

A Checklist For An Asset Purchase

A Checklist For an Asset Purchase Acquiring only some of the assets from a seller requires many of the same due diligence activities as the acquisition of the company. Additionally, a similar level of detailed due diligence is required in areas of the company which may not seem to be directly related to the asset

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m&a planning and due diligence

M&A Planning and Due Diligence Execution

M&A Planning and Due Diligence Execution As with any major asset acquisition, the purchase of a company, or only some of the assets therein, requires a significant planning process. Most companies have a defined approval process for major expenditures, including the description, business justification, financial requirements and expected Return on Investment (ROI). Mergers and Acquisitions,

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m&a success

The M&A Success Puzzle

The M&A Success Puzzle Recently I was asked, “Who among the stakeholders receives the most benefit from the M&A transaction?” While there are many different groups of stakeholders within both of the parties to the transaction, each will have a different view or level of expectation regarding the benefits accruing to them. The stakeholders of

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essential elements of an M&A toolkit

Communications and Relationships – Essential Elements of an M&A Toolkit

Communications and Relationships – Essential Elements of an M&A Toolkit Mergers and Acquisitions have occurred since the late 1800‘s. Initially from 1895 to 1905 small firms consolidated to form larger firms which then had dominate market share. These were the “trusts” of the early 1900’s many of which are household names today – DuPont, General

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developing merger integration checklists

Developing Merger Integration Checklists

Developing Integration Checklists Developing checklists for integration of an acquired business is difficult even for serial acquirers. Acquirers may have a general approach for integrating each functional area, but they may not have a detailed, standardized method for integrating a new company, its employees, and its operations into the acquirer’s structure. Relying on the personal

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